About Lumberjack System


Our goal is to make the process up to where you start being creative - the organizing and pre-editing - as automatic or simple as possible.


Lumberjack System was created by the founders of Intelligent Assistance: Philip Hodgetts and Dr Gregory Clarke.


Intelligent Assistance, Inc. is an innovator in technology and systems for producers and editors dedicated to building tools to make working with metadata in digital media easier. With products such as 7toX for Final Cut Pro, Xto7, Sync-N-Link X, Producer's Best Friend, Sequence Clip Reporter and Change List X, the award-winning company has been on the forefront of editing and workflow management software since 2007. For more information, please visit IntelligentAssistance.com


Lumberjack System was created out of the production experience gained by the co-founders during the production of 2012's Solar Odyssey reality television series. While the journey didn't go as planned, Greg and Philip continued to use Lumberjack on their productions - and those of their friend Cirina Catania - and refine Lumberjack System ahead of the May 2014 launch.


Cirina was so impressed she joined the team!


When it became obvious that we needed an offline, iOS logger, we turned to another of our friends, Robert Desauger, to take on that role. Since then, Lumberjack has continued to add new features and new apps growing into the most comprehensive keywording and pre-editing system for Final Cut Pro X.

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