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Download the Lumberjack Builder app.


You can order transcripts from within Builder (see  Order Transcripts in Builder below), which is recommended, or you can use your own transcripts one one of the compatible formats supported by Builder. Builder supports a wide range of text, and document formats.


Builder is a document based app, which means that you can work on many  projects simultaneously, each in their own document. Each document is self contained (other than media) and can be shared between users. Builder documents have a .ljb suffix. Each document can have multiple stories.


The footage in the Help examples is from the EditStock project "Born on the Island"


Working Remotely or with R3D, C300, Proxy and Optimized Media

By default Builder will link to the same media location as the Clips in FCP X. This works fine if you can share the Library with a story Editor or Producer, but if they want to work remotely, it will be easier to use no media, or proxy media (for small file sizes).

The same solution - use Proxy or Optimized Media - works for media formats that require a Final Cut Pro X camera plug-in, like R3D or C300 media. These are not supported in Builder directly. You can find the details here.


The list of Builder keyboard shortcuts and Glossary is here.


You can play through all the Builder Help in this Playlist. It will take approximately 18 minutes to play through all the Help, or you can view topic specific videos under each heading.


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