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Download the Lumberjack Builder app. (Link will be active when the app is available)


You will need transcripts one one of the compatible formats supported by Builder. Additional to the formats supported by Lumberyard in Transcript Mode, Builder supports Speechmatics JSON (only Speechmatics JSON, not other JSON formats) format transcripts.


Builder is a document based app, which means that you can work on many  projects simultaneously, each in their own document. (Builder is designed to support multiple stories per document, but will support only one at initial release.) Each document is self contained (other than media) and can be shared between users. Builder documents have a .ljb suffix.


The footage in the Help examples is from the EditStock project "Born on the Island"


Working Remotely or with R3D, C300, Proxy and Optimized Media

By default Builder will link to the same media location as the Clips in FCP X. This works fine if you can share the Library with a story Editor or Producer, but if they want to work remotely, it will be easier to use no media, or proxy media (for small file sizes).

The same solution - use Proxy or Optimized Media - works for media formats that require a Final Cut Pro X camera plug-in, like R3D or C300 media. These are not supported in Builder directly. You can find the details here.


Start by Importing XML

You can import FCP X XML from a file or by dragging a Library, or one (or more) Events to the Builder dock Icon direct from FCP X. You can incrementally update Events from FCP X by importing an updated XML file. The Event structure from FCP X is displayed in Builder.



Then Link Transcripts

To link transcripts to your clips, select the pull-down menu item next to the clip name and select "Link to Transcript" (to add a transcript). Match the first Clip to the matching transcript name. (Clip name not media file name.) Clip name can be an AV clip, audio only, Synchronized Clip or Multicam Clip. Builder will find any other transcripts that match clip names, and link to them.


Important: Make sure your transcript formatting is correct for Builder. There should be no header or title in the transcript itself. Read more about transcript format and the best options from transcription services.



Play (JKL), Split, and Merge Paragraphs

With a paragraph selected you can play by pressing: the play button, the space bar, J, K, or L keys (although L won't do much at the start of a clip). Multicam Clips will play the active angle selected in FCP X when the XML was exported.

A Paragraph is a Keyword Range

You can split a clip into two paragraphs/keyword ranges by inserting the cursor and pressing RETURN on the keyboard.


You can merge contiguous paragraphs by selecting the two (or more) paragraphs to be and clicking on then Join Paragraphs button.

You can merge a selected paragraph with the following paragraph by pressing ]

You can merge the selected paragraph with the previous paragraph by pressing [



Edit Text

There are no restrictions on editing text. Select the text to edit and typ in the replacing text. Similarly you can add punctuation as you would normally. There are no special tools for punctuation or editing. Speakers/People are named in the People filed (Command + p)



Set Keywords and Paper Color

Each paragraph can have an unlimited number of content keywords. Each paragraph is a keyword range. The People filed is also a Keyword Range. There must always be a Person keyword. Select the People field with Command + p. Select the Keywords field with Command + k.

Each paragraph can have a "paper color" applied to identify the  person speaking in that paragraph.



Trim Clips to Transcript

With transcripts that have only infrequent time stamps, there can be some inaccuracies at the paragraph boundaries. You can click the "Show Trimming" button to trim the head or tail of the clip, relative to the transcript.



Manage Keywords

Builder includes a powerful, global (to the document) Keyword Manager. Keywords can be deleted without affecting other applied keyword ranges. Keywords can be merged by dropping the correct keyword on the incorrect one.

The Keyword Manager can open Keywords from Lumberjack System's web application and use those to update keywords in this document.



Export Edited Transcripts and Keyword to the FCP X Event

The corrected transcripts with added keywords can be exported to FCP X and will update the original Event with the new metadata. The transcript will appear in the Notes filed of the Keyword Range. You can send direct to a copy of FCP X running ont he same computer, or export zipped XML to send to another computer with FCP X.



Filter Selects

In Story Mode you can filter selects using the Filter box at the top of the Selects column. Builder supports both "OR" and "AND" searching. You can use either type of search and limit it to Favorites only. Selects filter on the words in the transcript and Keywords added to a paragraph.



Build Stories

Stories are built by adding paragraphs from the Selects to the Storyline on the right. You can press the 'e' key to append the paragraph, or drag the paragraph to the location in the Storyline where it fits the story.

Paragraphs can be trimmed in the Storyline using the Return key, and unused Selects returned to the Selects list for later use. Return unused paragraphs with the Delete key, or by dragging them back to the Select list.

Paragraph video can be trimmed in the Storyline.

Clips can be reordered in the Storyline by dragging the order.

If a paragraph is selected in Selects or Story view, the same paragraph will be selected in the Transcript view. Simply return to Transcript view.

You can add a Spacer in the story to add three seconds of black silence to better indicate pacing.




Add Temporary Narration/Voice Over

To add temporary narration or voice over in the Storyline, select the clip before the narration should start. Click "Add temp V.o." and type in the text of the narration. Builder will use the System Voice and Language to create an audio file that will be used in FCP X.

Temp narration can be exported to a text document through the export options.



Export Story and Narration

Builder can export:

The Story to FCP X as a Project (directly or via zipped XML)

The script of the Story as a text document

The script of the temp narration pieces for approval and recording.



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