How to Get Accurate Time


Universal Time (UTC) is at the heart of Lumberjack System. The more accurate the time, the more accurate the logs will be. Remember that you can correct media times in the Lumberyard application, if you know the offset. UTC is available on all levels of equipment and doesn't require expensive Timecode Generators. UTC, unlike Timecode, includes date and time zone information. For those who need it, Lumberjack System does support industry standard embedded timecodes.


Tip: You only need one accurate camera for multicam setups. Lumberyard uses the time from the first angle and applies it to the Multicam Clip. Place (or move) the most accurate time source (or the one where you know the offset) in the first camera angle.


If you have to face inaccurate time, check out Correcting Time Offsets for more details.


SMPTE/EBU Timecode

Lumberjack can optionally use Time of Day Timecode by setting that option in Lumberyard's Preferences. When using Timecode the date and time zone information is obtained from the file, but the embedded Timecode is used instead of time-of-day.



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