A semi-scripted children's Television series produced by STV in Copenhagen (Denmark)


STV is a major television production company in Denmark that produces 290 hours of content for national television each year. Until recently, all of their productions were cut on Avid Media Composer. But for Klassen, their new prime-time scripted television series for kids, the producer decided to go with Final Cut Pro X and Lumberjack.


In the video Morten Ryberg Dannisboe (producer) and Giusy Naitana (lead editor) explain how Final Cut Pro X and Lumberjack have enabled them and their creative team to deliver the 69 episodes of this highly popular show in an incredibly efficient way.




























You might want to check out the video around 7 minutes 30 seconds in when Lumberjack and it's cofounders get a shout out in the presentation.




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