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Lumberjack System was front and center on a shoot in California for "Lives of Style."  Four cameras, a GoPro and separate sound were logged and transferred during the course of a very busy day!  All in all, over 300 GB of footage was shot by the crews and by the end of the night, the clients had a drive containing the master media, all logged and waiting for the editorial team.



Each crew consisted of one camera shooting for the wedding video for the bride and groom; the other camera in each crew was shooting the reality show "behind the scenes".


The stylish, elegant and tranquil setting, tucked away in the beautiful San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito fronted a hectic production schedule with camera operators covering over ten locations, host comments, interviews, b-roll and color.


Lumberjack kept the logging organized and saved the production many hours in post.


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