Using the Lumberyard macOS Desktop App


The Lumberyard macOS desktop application is used by one person (editor or assistant editor) to add the logged keywords to clips and make selects string-outs for Final Cut Pro X. (The Lumberyard is where logs are processed.)


  • Download the Lumberyard desktop application.
  • Sign In
    • If there are no account details, the My Account area of Preferences will automatically open.
  • Enter a Lumberyard username and password for this account. This username and password may be different from the Logger users - see Manage Users.



  • Click the 'Save to Keychain' button to save your account details to your keychain.


You only need to enter the account details once unless the account (or password) changes. They can be changed at any time in Lumberyard's Preferences or the Keychain Access application.


IMPORTANT: Lumberyard is a pre-editing tool. It does not work with Projects, Compound clips or Auditions. Lumberyard will process Clips,  Multicam Clips and Synchronized Clips ONLY.


Tip: Final Cut Pro 10.3 supports drag-and-drop instead of exporting and importing XML. First, select the Lumberjack Metadata View from the popup menu in the Inspector. You can install the Metadata View from the Lumberyard Help menu.

Then drag the Event and drop it on the Lumberyard icon in the Dock. (A progress bar in Final Cut Pro X shows the XML being generated.)



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