Lumberjack System in the News


Lumberjack System continues to make news as more people become aware of its powerful simplicity.




Lumberjack Builder won a NewBay Best of Show Award from Digital Video at NAB 2018!!

We couldn't be happier or more proud and happily  that we "blew" people's minds!


35 Interviews in six hours? "Couldn't have done it without Lumberjack and FCP X" according to Focal Point Productions.


Lumberjack System rated a mention in ART OF THE CUT with documentary editor David Tillman for its ability to "...marry a transcript to a particular clip." Just wait until they get hold of Builder!


Lumberjack System and co-founder Philip Hodgetts feature in Frame.io's excellent article  Edit Faster and more Efficiently with FCPX's Metadata.


Lumberjack System, and co-founder Philip Hodgetts feature in Rise of the machines: AI for editing in the December 2016 edition of Broadcast Now (UK). Sadly the article is behind a paywall.


Getting a 16 Episode Gameshow to Rough Assembly in 30 Minutes With Final Cut Pro X

Brian Cassin goes in to great detail about how he efficiently edits a gameshow on FCPX. By using Final Cut Pro X and Lumberjack to pre-edit a season of High School Quiz Show, he saves hours, if not days of edit time.


STV Denmark - case study from the IBC FCP X Tour Event featuring Lumberjack's use on the semi-scripted Klassen show.

Go to 7'40" in the video to see a special thanks to Lumberjack's founders who helped make this show possible.


Philip demonstrates Story Mode for Lumberjack System at the IBC FCPX Tour Event.


Tar Productions includes Lumberjack System Magic Keywords in their "Best of NAB 2016" review


Real time logging with Lumberjack from Intelligent Assistance demonstrated at LACPUG


Lumberjack's integral role in Braverman Productions' OJ Simpson Documentaries.
(Lumberjack System Transcript mode was created for these documentaries and made available for all subscribers. Transcript mode has been replaced by Lumberjack Builder.)


Lumberjack System in Direct TV Original Programming (Marc Bach's video from FCPWORKS Demo Room at NAB 2015)


Lumberjack System in depth demonstration (Philip Hodgetts' video from FCPWORKS Demo Room at NAB 2015)


Latest Editing Tools from Adobe and the New Lumberjack System at the May Editors' Lounge


Lumberjack is Awesome (Sam Mestman of FCPWORKS discovers Lumberjack)


RADAR Creative writes about Lumberjack System: Lumberjack the Metadata logger


Lumberjack Adds new Story Mode with FCP X 10.1.2


Lumberjack System Adds iOS Logger App for Media Logging Without an Internet Connection


LUMBERJACK SYSTEM – For Paperless On-Set Media Logging Now Available


NAB 2014 full Lumberjack System demo at Pro Video Coalition


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