Manage Users


There are 3 types of user roles:

  • Managers can add new users, deactivate their users, edit their users, change their credit card details etc.
  • Loggers can only access the Lumberjack Logger for on location logging; they cannot access other areas of Lumberjack System.
  • Lumberyard is for Final Cut Pro X users to sign in using the Lumberyard Mac OSX app; they cannot access other areas of Lumberjack System.


A user can have multiple roles. For example, when a customer pays for access to Lumberjack System they are given the roles Manager, Logger and Lumberyard.


You probably do not want other colleagues using your email and password to sign in, so you can add other users to your account.


You may want to provide temporary access for people collaborating on a particular project, so a Manager can deactivate any of their Logger and Lumberyard users.



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