Motor Press Guild

A Conference on the Queen Mary


We found early on in our beta-testing phase that Lumberjack is invaluable for logging footage from the cameras and sound recorders during conferences. Not only will the Favorites logging give you a head-start on a highlights real, but Lumberjack string-outs let you easily compile additional edits across multiple sessions.



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How it Works



  In this instance, we tested a shoot with the Motor Press Guild on the Queen Mary using two cameras, one of which was a GoPro set on timelapse and an H4N for sound.  The GoPro is a perfect time of day reference and when we created the multiclip in FCPX, exported our XML, round-triipped it through Lumberjack back to our project, everything came in ready to go with the keywords in place for the editor!  For more information on using Lumberjack for CONFERENCES, click HERE.  For a detailed explanation on how to do this click HERE.

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