The Real American Graffiti

Classic Documentary Style


A classic documentary production based on interviews with those who were there at the time. This example really shows the benefits of selects string-outs to kick-start the editing.



In the late 1950’s into the early 1960’s the drag racing world banned nitromethane as a fuel, leading to a period of multi-engine gasoline dragsters. Prominent, and very successful, among the dragsters of the era is the dual-engined Freight Train, and its driver Floyd Lippencotte Jnr. What people didn’t know during his career is that Floyd was none other than Bob Muravez, who had been our landlord in the “Maytag Museum”.


I decided that this would make a great topic for a mini-documentary about drag racing of the era along with the rise and fall of the multi-engined gas dragster. I took a fairly standard approach: shooting interviews with some of those present during the period and logging with Lumberjack.


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