With Lumberjack Real-time Logging,

all the logging from the shoot is merged with the Clips in your Project/Library in under five minutes!


Real-time logging with Lumberjack's Suite of Tools will

save you an industry average of $180 for every hour of footage shot!



By moving the logging from the expensive edit bay to the shoot.



Here's how we worked it out.



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On this page:

Logging as you shoot is as simple as switching a light on, and off again

How does it work?

How do I get started?

Next Steps?

Other Logging tools - backLogger and noteLogger



Live logging during the shoot is as simple

as switching a light on, and switching it off again


Click a Keyword Tag on, and switch it off again to create a time  range. You can log anywhere in the world!


Thanks to the Backtimer there's no anticipation stress!


The logged ranges are uploaded to the Lumberjack Web Application when convenient,  (i.e. when you have an Internet connection!)


Once the media has reached the edit bay, a quick XML round trip to to the Lumberyard app, and a few seconds later you have:

  • All the logged ranges aligned with your clips or Multicam Clips as Markers (Premiere Pro) or Keyword Ranges (Final Cut Pro X).
  • Topic based Smart String-outs 
    (for pancake editing or inspiration)


How Does it Work?

A new Event to log is created in the Web App because the Web App co-ordinates all the integrated parts of Lumberjack System.


Most Real-time logging is done in the free iOS app anywhere in the world (Internet not required)


When you are able to connected to the Internet,
upload the logging to the Web App.


The logging is immediately available to be used in the edit bay, where you

Import media

Make multicam or Synchronized Clips

Export XML

In Lumberyard

Import the XML to the Lumberyard macOS app, and

Select the logged Event there.


Lumberyard merges the time ranges from the logging with the time ranges from the media

and updates the Event in the NLE.


How do I Get Started?

Click here to Create an Account for yourself, but DO NOT BUY anything

Email philip@LumberjackSystem.com and ask for a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL on the account you created.

I'll set up the trial from there so you'll have full access to ALL the Lumberjack System apps for Live Logging and the incredible Builder NLE (for transcript workflows)


Next Steps?

Download the iOS Logger to as many iOS devices as you want to use to Log. There's no limit on the size of your team(s).

The iOS Logger works on iPads and iPhones and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Operational details for the iOS Logger in the Logger iOS App Help pages.


You will want to create Logging Users and at least one Post Production user. As the owner of the account you are also the Admin user and can create, deactiveate, and delete Logging and Post Users.


You'll need the macOS Lumberyard App on a Mac. This is usually the editing NLE, but it doesn't have to be.

The Lumberyard macOS application is used to merge either Final Cut Pro X Event XML, or Premiere Pro Bin XML
 with the logs. Download Lumberyard

Read the Lumberyard Help for operational details.



Other Logging Tools?

The iOS Logger isn't the only Live Logging in Lumberjack System.



The backLogger app can be used to log library or achive footage into Lumberjack System.

Download Now. Operational details for backLogger are in the backLogger Help page.



The noteLogger app is for those who want more extensive log notes with their Keyword Ranges.

Download Now. Operational details for noteLogger are in the noteLogger Help page.











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backLogger in action on Metronome's (Denmark) One Born Every Minute

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