Lumberyard: Story Mode


To meet the demands of projects that extend over long periods - typical for a documentary - and to provide more control over pre-edit string-outs you can use Story Mode with Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 and Lumberyard.


How it works

When you load an XML file from FCP X into Lumberyard that has existing logged Keyword Ranges, then the Lumberyard interface will change to display the Keywords from the XML file and disable access to the online database.


Because it uses the logged Keyword Ranges in the XML file:

  • any corrections to the original Lumberjack keyword logs will be used (so you can adjust or remove logged Keyword Ranges inside Final Cut Pro X after the original pass through Lumberyard); and
  • new Keyword Ranges that are added in Final Cut Pro X (as long as they are in the appropriate folder) will be used for string-outs.


Story Mode creates pre-edit string-outs with the same set of parameters as the string-outs created during logging. In Final Cut Pro X they are presented in a Keyword Collection called String-outs containing a Compound Clip for each string-out.

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